Broken promises

Author: Reed Hopper Utah officials are not very happy with the Secretary of Interior's latest land grab.  Nor should they be.  As reported in the Salt Lake Tribune, Secretary Salazar is recanting on a hard fought settlement agreement and unilaterally making … Continue reading

Some light holiday reading on the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta litigation

Author: Brandon Middleton Just in time for the New Year's holiday weekend, the Federalist Society has published my article on The Consolidated Delta Smelt Cases and The Consolidated Salmonid Cases currently being litigated in Fresno. The article, "The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta … Continue reading

Alternative energy and the return of Indiana bat litigation

Author: Brandon Middleton You may recall that around this time last year a federal court in Maryland issued a controversial decision to halt a wind energy project located in West Virginia.  The court felt the decision was necessary in order … Continue reading

The California Dep’t of Fish and Game and regulatory overreach: not what the doctor ordered

Author: Brandon Middleton For years, ranchers in Northern California have relied upon water rights in order to provide an adequate supply of irrigation water for their crops and family businesses.  Many of these ranchers hold what are called “pre-1914 water … Continue reading

Akaka Bill defeated

Author: Joshua Thompson     Earlier this month, I reported about the efforts of our friends from the Center for Equal Opportunity to defeat the Akaka Bill.  The Akaka Bill would have attempted to legitimize racial preferences for Hawaiians throughout the United … Continue reading