A disappointing Balloon Track decision

Author:  Damien M. Schiff Late yesterday, the California First District Court of Appeal ruled in Citizens for a Eureka v. California Coastal Commission that the Commission has Coastal Act appellate jurisdiction over the Balloon Track nuisance abatement.  PLF attorneys represent … Continue reading

New Shoreline Master Program might eliminate iconic “liveaboards”

Author: Daniel Himebaugh The Seattle Times reports that the City of Seattle's forthcoming Shoreline Master Program could spell the end of house barges in the city's marinas.  House barges are vessels that people use as residences.  They are also known … Continue reading

Summer reading: Harmony and the soft tyranny of paternalism

Author: Brian T. Hodges The Japanese science fiction novel Harmony, by Project Itoh, is a timely cautionary tale about the struggle between individuality and government control.  Itoh shares his intricate and multi-layered vision of a world in the not-too-distant future … Continue reading

Sacketts: last chance for justice

Author: Damien Schiff This morning, the United States Supreme Court issued an order agreeing to take up PLF's case representing Mike and Chantell Sackett.  The question of whether the EPA can assert federal land use control over any wet area in this country, and … Continue reading