Lou Dobbs interviews PLF attorney Damien Schiff and clients Mike & Chantell Sackett

Author:  Anne Hayes On Thursday night, Lou Dobbs of Fox Business Channel's Lou Dobbs Tonight did a follow-up interview with Mike and Chantell Sackett and PLF attorney Damien Schiff about how the case is proceeding, and discusses some of the … Continue reading

Court allows PLF case against Coastal Commission to go forward

Author: Paul J. Beard II Earlier this month, the San Luis Obispo Superior Court delivered a nice win to PLF client, SDS Family Trust, in its fight against the California Coastal Commission. The Family is suing the Commission for extorting … Continue reading

“Yes, the Deck Is Stacked in Favor of the Government”

Author: Brandon Middleton Holey Foag's Seth Jaffe on the recent delta smelt litigation developments: The public perception is that big, bad corporations can just spend as much money as necessary to win in court. Those of us in the trenches … Continue reading

Victory! Court upholds reduced “critical habitat” for bighorn sheep

Author: Reed Hopper     One of the most onerous provisions of the Endangered Species Act is the "critical habitat" provision. Under the ESA, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is generally required to designate habitat essential for the conservation of a protected … Continue reading