May a court require that attorneys be racially diverse?

Of course, the answer is no, but that is precisely what the Southern District of New York did in Blessing v. Sirius XM Radio.  PLF filed a brief today arguing that the federal courts are just as bound by equal … Continue reading

“Can hunting endangered animals save the species?”

That is the title of an excellent 60 Minutes segment that aired on Sunday evening.  The story shows how the hunting of exotic game species in Texas has led to an increase of these species’ populations by incentivizing private landowners … Continue reading

Rep. Markey gets it wrong

Last month, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Marine Fisheries Service issued a draft joint policy statement on how the agencies would interpret the phrase “significant portion of its range” as used in the Endangered Species … Continue reading

X2 Ninth Circuit briefing completed (for now)

Last week, the Coalition for a Sustainable Delta, Kern County Water Agency, State Water Contractors, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, San Luis & Delta-Mendota Water Authority, and Westlands Water District filed this reply to the Natural Resources Defense Council’s opposition … Continue reading

School Choice Week: the best answer to a multiple choice problem

What is the goal of School Choice Week?  The official slogan of School Choice Week is: “Shining a spotlight on effective education options for every child.”  In essence, then, the purpose is to bring attention to two glaring realities of … Continue reading

In defense of the Sacketts

Michael Doherty, a retired official with the United States Army Corps of Engineers, had this piece in the Spokane Spokesman-Review last week claiming that PLF clients Mike and Chantell Sackett should have known that they were building in wetlands.  Mr. Doherty … Continue reading