The other mistake the Supreme Court made yesterday

Largely lost in the hullaballoo yesterday, the Supreme Court dismissed First American v. Edwards as “improvidently granted.”  It did not give any reasons for the dismissal. This case asked whether a plaintiff who suffered no injury whatsoever from a defendant’s … Continue reading

Supreme Court denies review of Hawaii’s race-based property tax scheme

The U.S. Supreme Court today denied a petition for writ of certiorari in a case concerning Hawaii’s discriminatory race-based property tax scheme that forces non-preferred races to pay a higher tax rate.  The case is called Corboy v. Louie. Here’s the background.  In … Continue reading

George Will: Obamacare decision is a win for conservatives

Columnist George Will explains why “Conservatives distraught about the survival of the individual mandate are missing the considerable consolation prize they won when the Supreme Court rejected a constitutional rationale for the mandate — Congress’s rationale — that was pregnant … Continue reading

Obamacare dissent, an ode to the Constitution

Today’s dissenters from the Court’s Obamacare decision wax poetically about political philosophy—in particular, about the importance of our constitutional structure of government to the preservation of individual liberty.  In the last substantive paragraph of their dissent, Justices Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas, … Continue reading