Businesses should have the right to join in democratic discussion

In 1765, Philadelphia printer William Bradford protested against the Stamp Act by printing this symbol in the spot where people were supposed to attach the required tax stamp. Bradford was complying with the law—while drawing people’s attention to the injustice … Continue reading

Earth Jurisprudence?

The fiftieth anniversary this year of Rachel Carson‘s Silent Spring has led me not only to read that foundational tome of modern enviromentalism, but also to reflect on the extent to which today’s modern environmental movement has changed from the … Continue reading

FWS plans to downlist endangered status of wood stork

Yesterday, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) announced its intent to downlist the wood stork from endangered to threatened. This comes after years of arm-twisting by PLF and its client, the Florida Homebuilders Association (FHA), to get the Service … Continue reading

A one-way Endangered Species Act?

Last week, the California Third District Court of Appeal issued its decision in Central Coast Forestry Association v. California Fish & Game Commission.  The court, in an opinion authored by Justice Blease and joined by Justice Robie, held that, under the … Continue reading

Editorializing Smith v. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Yesterday’s Albuquerque Journal ran an editorial on PLF’s new lawsuit, Smith v. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  It begins: To paraphrase, the arroyo to hell is paved with good intentions, illegally dumped garbage, dead trees and underbrush. Just ask Peter … Continue reading

Minority children are not inherently deficient– so schools should stop treating them that way

The Florida Department of Education and Virginia State Board of Education recently approved strategic plans that establish different race-based academic achievement goals for K-12 students.  As we’ve explained before, assigning different scholastic targets based on students’ races is not only … Continue reading

President’s weekly report — December 14, 2012

Environment — Clean Water Act We filed our complaint on behalf of Peter and Frankie Smith against the Army Corps of Engineers.  At issue is whether a mostly dry arroyo, 25 miles from the Rio Grande, is a water of the United … Continue reading

Famines and other “radical overhauls”

Why do some organizations profess to care so much about food, and decide that the problem is technologies that produce more food, instead of the corrupt governments that oppress hungry citizens?  Perhaps the question answers itself: they care more about … Continue reading