Delta smelt remand extension denied

Yesterday, Judge Lawrence O’Neill, Judge Wanger’s replacement in the Delta smelt cases, denied the joint motion of the feds and the California Department of Water Resources to extend by several years the existing deadline for these agencies to produce a … Continue reading

To the government, skin color is all that matters

In October, when Fisher was being argued before the Supreme Court, Justice Scalia was concerned with how the University of Texas determined it had “enough” minorities in each classroom.  He asked, “how do[es the University] determine when classrooms are diverse? …  [Do] … Continue reading

School Choice Week 2013: Enabling the choice to home school

Last week my colleague Joshua Thompson posted on New Hampshire’s recently enacted school choice law, passed by the legislature over the governor’s veto.  Using the constitutionally validated means of providing tax credits for donations to school tuition organizations, Section 77-G:2 … Continue reading

School Choice Week 2013: School choice on trial in Texas

School choice was on the witness stand in this case out of Texas that I blogged about last fall. A school choice group called TREE is asking the court to declare the Texas school system unconstitutionally “inefficient.” As part of that … Continue reading

School Choice Week 2013: An introduction

Yesterday marked the first day of School Choice Week 2013.  School choice is the remarkable idea that parents should have the freedom to choose where their children are educated. School choice rejects the idea of government run, one-size-fits-all, “Solidarity Forever” education. “School … Continue reading