About Kevin Desormeaux

Kevin joined the PLF Communications Team in March, 2015, as Digital Content Manager. In his position he is responsible for the design, content, and management of PLF’s Website. Kevin works closely with the other members of PLF’s communications team in optimizing the non-profit foundation’s on-line information, digital communications, and social media activities, which support the foundation’s legal and development teams.

Seattle Robs Landlords of Right to Choose Tenants on Courting Liberty podcast

In this week’s episode of Courting Liberty, PLF’s Director of Communications Harold Johnson interviews PLF Northwest Center Attorney Ethan Blevins and PLF Client MariLyn Yim about the challenging of Seattle’s new mandate forcing landlords to rent to the first qualified … Continue reading

Media coverage of Supreme Court oral argument in Murr v. State of Wisconsin

This morning, the historic property rights case of Murr v. State of Wisconsin and St. Croix County was argued at the Supreme Court by John M. Groen, PLF’s Executive Vice President and General Counsel. Listen to our Courting Liberty podcast on … Continue reading

It’s Back to School Choice Week on Courting Liberty

PLF’s Director of Communications Harold Johnson is joined by PLF Principal Attorney Joshua Thompson to discuss Pacific Legal Foundation’s Back To School Choice Week. The conversation also highlights many of the ongoing cases in courts across the United States where … Continue reading

Seattle trashes privacy rights by having garbage collectors snoop for food waste on Courting Liberty

PLF Director of Communications Harold Johnson interviews PLF Attorney Ethan Blevins about the current state of Bonesteel v. City of Seattle, where PLF represents a number of Seattle residents in challenging the city’s food waste ordinance, designed to stop citizens … Continue reading

Big changes within the California Coastal Commission on Courting Liberty

In this week’s episode of Courting Liberty, PLF Director of Communications Harold Johnson speaks with PLF Attorney Damien Schiff about the California Coastal Commission’s board vote to dismiss Executive Director Charles Lester. Schiff also gives a general update on the … Continue reading

PLF and NFIB stand up to U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service on Courting Liberty

Federal regulators are imposing regulations under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) that are contrary to the will of Congress and the strict letter of the law. Our Courting Liberty podcast details a new PLF petition that takes the U.S. Fish … Continue reading

The scope of PLF’s Hawkes Co. Supreme Court case could have implications for millions of landowners

PLF Director of Communications Harold Johnson interviews PLF attorneys Reed Hopper and Mark Miller about Hawkes Co., Inc., et al. v. United States Army Corps of Engineers, a case being appealed at the U.S. Supreme Court at the end of … Continue reading

California Department of Fish and Wildlife shirks obligation to update species status on Courting Liberty

PLF Attorneys Wencong Fa and Anthony François discuss PLF’s suit against the California Department of Fish and Wildlife for failing to meet a five year status review of every species listed as either endangered or threatened under the California Endangered … Continue reading

Remembering Scalia, giant among the courts on Courting Liberty

Members of PLF look at the legacy of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and his impact on property rights, views on upholding the constitution and his involvement in some of PLF’s most important victories. The round table discussion is hosted … Continue reading