About Reed Hopper

Mr. Hopper is a principal attorney in PLF’s Environmental Law Practice Group. He oversees the foundation’s Endangered Species Act Program and PLF’s Clean Water Act Project.

Fixing the Clean Water Act

On Tuesday, my colleague, Damien Schiff, testified before a senate committee on Environment and Public Works that is investigating government overreach under the Clean Water Act.  The hearing was entitled “Erosion of Exemptions and Expansion of Federal Control — Implementation … Continue reading

Audit says EPA used propaganda to advance Clean Water Act Rule

When the EPA proposed its overly-broad rule redefining “waters of the United States,” we noted here and here the EPA’s Administrator’s absurd claims that the new rule would not expand federal authority and would ease the regulatory burden on landowners.  … Continue reading

Supreme Court takes another PLF Clean Water Act case

For more than 40 years, millions of landowners nationwide have had no meaningful way to challenge wrongful application of the federal Clean Water Act to their land.  The Clean Water Act authorizes the Army Corps of Engineers and Environmental Protection … Continue reading