About Reed Hopper

Mr. Hopper is a principal attorney in PLF’s Environmental Law Practice Group. He oversees the foundation’s Endangered Species Act Program and PLF’s Clean Water Act Project.

Appeals Court puts nationwide skids on controversial Clean Water Act rule

Today the 6th Circuit issued a nationwide stay of the Corps and EPA’s drastic new rule redefining “waters of the United States” subject to federal control and regulation under the Clean Water Act.  The rule was issued June 29, 2015, … Continue reading

Supreme Court scheduled to consider important Clean Water Act cases

Thomas Jefferson warned, “The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground.”  That warning applies full force to the Clean Water Act.  Under the Act, the government can “federalize” private property by declaring the … Continue reading

Clean Water Act case gets another boost in the Supreme Court of the United States

I myself am often surprised at life’s little quirks.”  Westley to Buttercup, The Princess Bride Months ago, we filed a petition for review in the Supreme Court in a case called Kent Recycling v. Corps of Engineers to protect landowners … Continue reading

Clean Water Rule – the court giveth, the court taketh away

Last week a federal district court in North Dakota issued an injunction staying enforcement of the Corps and EPA’s new rule redefining “waters of the United States.”  In response to a challenge from 13 states, the court held the new … Continue reading

EPA hypocrisy on display in Clean Water rule litigation

There was a time when agency officials were respected as neutral arbiters of the law.  Actual “public servants,” if you will. Empowered, if not predisposed, to protect the People from arbitrary government.  But somewhere along the line these respected “public … Continue reading

Shameless EPA tries to side-step court order blocking enforcement of controversial Clean Water rule

It is hard to imagine a more blatant display of bureaucratic hubris than the EPA’s handling of its highly disputed rule redefining ” waters of the United States.” The rule was supposed to be a joint effort between the Corps … Continue reading

Plaintiffs file Opposition in Clean Water rule case

Of the more than seventy plaintiffs and ten suits challenging the Corps and EPA’s illicit rule broadening the definition of “waters of the United States,” that federalizes most waters in the Nation and much of the land, PLF represents landowners, … Continue reading