Wisconsin bureaucrats take liberties with the Takings Clause on Courting Liberty

PLF Director of Communications Harold Johnson and PLF Northwest Center Principal Attorney John Groen discuss the seeking of Supreme Court review of an important “relevant parcel” property rights case.  The case asks whether government can forbid development on a private parcel, without … Continue reading

Class actions v. due process

In a case that will be heard next term, the Supreme Court will have to decide the limits of class action litigation.  In our amicus brief brief, PLF urges the Court to scrutinize those limits closely. In Bouaphakeo v. Tyson … Continue reading

Challenging Oakland’s public art mandate on Courting Liberty

PLF has filed a lawsuit to challenge the City of Oakland’s ordinance that requires developers of commercial and residential projects to fund public art works. In this week’s Courting Liberty, PLF Senior Staff Attorney Tony Francois discusses the ordinance and … Continue reading

Have California courts got the message? Arbitration contracts should be enforced like other contracts

For years, PLF has been chronicling—and combating—the efforts of California courts to nullify arbitration contracts. Federal law requires that states enforce arbitration agreements just like any other contract, but California courts have found various loopholes to avoid enforcing such agreements, … Continue reading

NRO piece on PLF suit challenging Oakland’s public art exaction

Earlier this week, National Review Online ran my piece on PLF’s lawsuit against the City of Oakland. The lawsuit challenges an illegal ordinance requiring builders of residential and commercial projects in the City to either produce public art displays on … Continue reading

PLF supports at-will employment in Michigan

Here at the Liberty Blog, we often write about the benefits of at-will employment for both the employee and the employer. A system that allows both sides to end the employment relationship for any reason or no reason not only … Continue reading

The government can’t call speech “conduct,” then require a license for it

If the First Amendment means anything, it means the right to speak freely without asking for permission first. Yet in Nebraska, you have to get a government license before advertising.  PLF client Leslie Young helps people to sell their homes … Continue reading

President’s weekly report — July 17, 2015

WOTUS WOTUS every where, nor a drop to drink We filed this challenge in Minnesota District Court on behalf of a variety of landowners and organizations to EPA’s new Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule,  This rule, like the stuff … Continue reading