Blaine Amendments: One of the biggest impediments to nationwide school choice

In 2002, school choice advocates won a major victory when the Supreme Court of the United States upheld an Ohio scholarship program designed to provide better educational options to students in inner-city Cleveland. The program provided district students with a … Continue reading

The economic underpinnings of school choice

Two seemingly unrelated phenomena in education often befuddle those interested in the topic. First, substandard public schools continue to fail no matter how much money the government throws their way. Second, teachers’ unions across the country categorically oppose school choice … Continue reading

President’s weekly report — July 24, 2015

A complaint that a four-year old could file? We filed this complaint in Oakland’s mandatory art fee case, Building Industry Association of the Bay Area v. City of Oakland.  The premise is simple — the City wants to be more … Continue reading

Supreme Court of North Carolina rejects teachers’ union challenge to school choice

The North Carolina legislature recently enacted the Opportunity Scholarship Program, which allows low-income children to attend private schools of their parents’ choice through state-funded scholarships. The program provides students with an opportunity to escape failing public schools, and transfer to … Continue reading

Did the Colorado Supreme Court violate the Constitution?

In Taxpayers for Public Education v. Douglas County School District, the Colorado Supreme Court invalidated Douglas County’s school voucher program, holding that the program violated the state’s Blaine Amendment by giving financial aid to students attending religious schools. The court’s … Continue reading

President’s weekly report — July 3, 2015

Supreme Court to hear teachers’ union politicking case The Supreme Court announced this week that it will hear  Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, a case filed by the Center for Individual Rights.  Presently, all public school teachers must contribute their “fair share” to a teachers’ union … Continue reading