Cal Supreme Court denies review of huge punitive damages award

Yesterday the California Supreme Court denied review in Asahi Pharma Corp. v. Actelion.  Pacific Legal Foundation had submitted a brief urging the Court to review and overturn the Court of Appeal’s decision—which resulted in one of the biggest punitive damages … Continue reading

CEQA: Special interest groups’ favorite toy

Union activists in San Francisco recently filed suit to block Google’s commuter buses from stopping at City bus stations– a privilege for which Google pays the City handsomely. Why might activists use an environmental regulation to block buses that eliminate … Continue reading

President’s weekly report — March 7, 2014

Economic Liberty Project — Nevada Says “NO” to Out-of-State Private Eyes We filed our complaint this week in Castillo v. Ingram , challenging Nevada’s new rules that forbid private investigators from working in that state unless they have a brick … Continue reading

When ridiculous becomes the norm

The website Faces of Lawsuit Abuse has posted a video of the Top Ten Most Ridiculous Lawsuits of 2013. [youtube]https:// The list includes plaintiffs who lack actual injuries, class action lawsuits that have no merit, and litigants who seemingly want … Continue reading

The end of abusive class-action lawsuits? Or the end of industry?

The answer is probably, “neither,” but in two cases that we’re asking as amicus for the Supreme Court up this January, the stakes are high.   The cases are Sears v. Butler and Whirlpool v. Glazer and involve some washing machines with a musty smell.  … Continue reading

President’s weekly report — December 27, 2013

Environment — Clean Air Act PLF and the National Association of Manufacturers filed this joint opposition brief in Alec L. v. McCarthy which is now before the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.  We intervened in this case in order to … Continue reading

President’s report — December 20, 2013

Obamacare — Origination Clause Challenge We filed this reply brief in Sissel v. Sibelius, our challenge to Obamacare based on the failure of the revenue-raising measure to originate in the House of Representatives, as required by the Constitution’s Origination Clause.  The … Continue reading

President’s weekly report — December 6, 2013

Property Rights — Taking by Flooding Earlier this week, the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals issued its remand decision in Arkansas Game & Fish Commission v. United States, upholding the trial court’s conclusion that the Army Corps of Engineers took … Continue reading