A (mostly) victory when it comes to Alabama spying on your beer habits

Yesterday the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board decided against adopting a creepy rule which would have required craft breweries to record the names, phone numbers, addresses, and birthdays of anyone who purchases craft beer for carryout.  As I detailed … Continue reading

Forbes publishes piece on (yet another) creepy, anti-competitive law

Forbes has published my piece on Alabama’s proposed rule allowing the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board to creep on craft beer consumers.  Although the Board says the rule is a way for it to enforce the state’s rigid controls on how … Continue reading

School choice is a boon for taxpayers

People support school choice for many reasons. Most support it because it’s the last best hope for their children to get a decent education. Some hope that it is a means to mitigate the impacts of racial and income segregation. … Continue reading

PLF files brief in the Supreme Court opposing race-based redistricting

We have previously blogged about the latest redistricting controversy to reach the Supreme Court. In these two combined cases, styled Alabama Legislative Black Caucus v. Alabama and Alabama Democratic Conference v. Alabama, the plaintiffs contend that the redistricting plan for … Continue reading

PLF defends school choice in Alabama

PLF has filed an amicus brief in the Alabama Supreme Court defending the constitutionality of school choice in the Heart of Dixie. The Alabama Accountability Act creates a system of tax credits to help parents transfer their kids from failing public … Continue reading

Finger on the pulse: school choice in Alabama

In February, the Alabama legislature enacted the Alabama Accountability Act—a school choice measure aimed at giving tax credits to families who, because of their school district, must send their children to “failing schools,” but who wish to enroll in a non-failing … Continue reading

The road to the tort underworld is paved with innovator liability

Tapping their seemingly endless supply of ingenuity, plaintiffs’ lawyers have come up with a new legal theory for reaching deep pockets, and just the name would send chills up the spine of Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, or Jonas Salk.  Under … Continue reading

Perhaps trusting the fox to guard the hen house wasn’t such a good idea

Last month, Alabama decided to once again allow the government to take land from one private property owner to give it to politically influential corporations and other private parties.  As readers know, these collusive schemes between powerful corporations and governments … Continue reading