Helping cottage food vendors out of an Alaskan pickle

PLF receives requests for assistance all the time. Although any request may turn into a major civil rights lawsuit, we must turn down the vast majority of these requests. PLF subsists on the generous contributions of our donors, and we need … Continue reading

President’s weekly report — March 25, 2016

Property Rights — Coy Koontz gets paid!!!!  In the “you can’t get something for nothing” category, the St. Johns Water Management District finally paid the Coy Koontz estate $602,000 for the temporary taking of the Koontz property. While it was … Continue reading

President’s weekly report — January 22, 2016

We’re from the Government and we’re doing you a favor That is essentially the government’s theme in its opening brief in Hawkes v. United States, our wetlands jurisdiction case at the Supreme Court. Our case is all about whether a property … Continue reading

Supreme Court will decide the reach of federal control over Alaska

The Supreme Court will soon decide how much control federal agencies can exercise over Alaska’s lands and waters. A California-sized chunk of the state sits within federal “conservation system units.” These conservation areas include national parks, wildlife refuges, preserves, and so … Continue reading

PLF files amicus brief in Supreme Court in support of State of Alaska

The State of Alaska has asked the United States Supreme Court to review a decision of the Ninth Circuit which says that the federal government, instead of the state, has the power to regulate hunting and fishing in navigable waters … Continue reading

Alaska to sue over polar bear habitat designation

Author:  Reed Hopper In almost all cases, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service overstates Critical Habitat for threatened and endangered species.  This is because the Service is unwilling or unable to expend the resources to determine those areas actually occupied … Continue reading

Alaska takes aim at polar bear critical habitat

Author:  Damien M. Schiff The State of Alaska announced today that it intends to sue the Fish and Wildlife Service over the agency's 180,000 square mile plus designation of critical habitat for the polar bear.  I've already written here about the … Continue reading

Alaska challenges the Beluga whale listing

Author:  Damien M. Schiff Last Friday, the State of Alaska filed suit in federal court in D.C. against the National Marine Fisheries Service, challenging the agency's 2008 Endangered Species Act listing for the Cook Inlet distinct population segment of Beluga … Continue reading

Ak. Gov. fights Endangered Species Act abuse

Author: Brandon Middleton As we noted earlier, the State of Alaska is prepared to contest bogus Endangered Species Act restrictions.  Leading the effort is Governor Sean Parnell, who sees the issue of ESA abuse as a critical one for Alaska's … Continue reading