PLF files amicus brief asking Supreme Court to hear Low Carbon Fuel Standard case

Yesterday Pacific Legal Foundation filed an amicus brief asking the United States Supreme Court to review a Ninth Circuit decision which upholds a California fuel import restriction against a commerce clause challenge brought by several fuel producers and consumer groups.  We … Continue reading

What happens outside of Vegas must stay outside of Vegas?

As we noted last week, PLF is challenging a Nevada law that requires private investigators to keep a “principal place of business” in the state.  This law essentially puts up a “keep out” sign at the Nevada border by making it more … Continue reading

PLF seeks to tear down Nevada’s “Keep Out” sign

Yesterday, PLF attorneys filed a civil rights lawsuit on behalf of Troy Castillo challenging a Nevada law that prevents out-of-state entrepreneurs from competing across state lines.  The law requires private investigators to keep a “principal place of business” in the … Continue reading

PLF files final brief in Sissel’s challenge to Obamacare

Today, PLF attorneys filed Matt Sissel’s final brief in the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals litigation challenging Obamacare.  Sissel’s reply responds to the Government’s opposition brief, filed on December 9. Now, we await an oral argument date, which we expect to … Continue reading

President’s weekly report — August 23, 2013

Property Rights — Washington State We filed this amicus brief in Keene Valley Ventures v. City of Richland in support of a petition for review before the Washington State Supreme Court.  Here, the town deliberately flooded the landowner’s property and a … Continue reading

PLF and client Matt Sissel file appeal of adverse ruling in Obamacare case

Today, we filed an appeal of the D.C. District Court’s decision last Friday to dismiss our challenge to the Affordable Care Act. Readers may recall that our client, Matt Sissel, challenges the Act’s provision imposing an individual mandate and tax-penalty based … Continue reading

The Commerce Clause and trucking companies

Today, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously in American Trucking Association v. City of Los Angeles that the Federal Aviation Administration Authorization Act of 1994 preempts a provision of a Port of Los Angeles concession agreement with federally regulated trucking companies … Continue reading

Bureaucrat dismisses the adverse effects of the Service’s Utah prairie dog regulations on the people of Utah

The Deseret News has dueling op-eds from Dave Miller, an Iron County Commissioner, and Noreen Walsh, a Regional Director at Fish and Wildlife Service, on the impacts of the federal Utah prairie dog regulations on the people of Utah.  As … Continue reading

PLF fights crippling, and unconstitutional, regulations that put a rodent above the constitutional rights of people

Today, PLF filed a complaint on behalf of People for the Ethical Treatment of Property Owners (PETPO) challenging a federal regulation that prevents the residents of Cedar City, UT from protecting their community, and their private property, from a rodent.  … Continue reading

The Euclidean Theory of constitutional interpretation

Some important insights are so clear and free of qualification that after their discovery they seem too obvious to have been disputed.  Think of “the earth is round” or “objects in motion tend to stay in motion unless a force … Continue reading