Diversity hire loses discrimination lawsuit

The University of New Hampshire hired a political science professor during a hiring freeze. They were allowed to do so because she was black and the University had ” ongoing efforts to enhance racial diversity on campus.”  It was undisputed that the “the only … Continue reading

PLF opposes racial discrimination by community college

A community college recently planned a “happy hour” event about diversity.  The college sent an e-mail about the event to all of the college’s staff members – and the e-mail explained that white people were not invited. The administration of … Continue reading

Does “diversity” require race-based recruiting in college basketball?

There are many factors that college basketball coaches consider when making recruitment decisions.  These may include how well an athlete can shoot, dribble, pass, rebound, as well as how the athlete gets along with other players and coaches.  But if universities … Continue reading

The Obama Administration’s logical pretzel

PLF continues to fight for Abigail Fisher’s right — and every student’s right — to be treated equally under the law.  We have previously blogged about our continued involvement in her case, and the University of Texas’s non-stop efforts to … Continue reading

Does the proliferation of online courses undercut the “diversity” rationale?

It appears as if the Univerisity of Texas is significantly increasing its offering of online courses.  These will be availble to students throughout the world.  But, doesn’t this further undercut the University’s purported interest in attaining the benefits that flow from … Continue reading

The Fisher oral argument: Race-neutral alternatives

Next week, in Fisher v. University of Texas, the Supreme Court will consider whether the university’s admissions policies and procedures which grant preferences to students of certain races and ethnic backgrounds violate the Equal Protection Clause. Colleges grant racial preferences in admissions … Continue reading

The Fisher oral argument: Academic mismatch

Next, week, on October 10, 2012, the Supreme Court will hear oral argument in Fisher v. University of Texas.  As the parties discuss whether the University of Texas can justify its race-conscious admissions policy, one topic sure to arise is … Continue reading

PLF’s brief in Fisher called “most persuasive overall”

The Weekly Standard ran an article this week on the twenty or so briefs that were filed on behalf of Abigail Fisher in her challenge to the University of Texas’s race-based admissions policy.  The article finds PLF’s brief, which was … Continue reading

Supreme Court denies certiorari in racial balancing case

The Supreme Court today denied the petition for writ of certiorari filed by nine minority students in the case called Students Doe v. Lower Merion School District.  The students claimed their school district discriminated against them on the basis of … Continue reading