Stop viewing occupational licensing with rose-colored glasses: it harms consumers

Recently the Des Moines Register published a series of articles that sheds light on the problems caused by unnecessary and irrational occupational licensing laws.  In one recent opinion piece, Darrell Hanson, a former Iowa legislator, describes his first-hand experience with … Continue reading

NYC soda ban taxes New Yorkers’ patience

Start spreading the news, soda isn’t leaving today. Tomorrow was supposed to mark the effective date of New York City’s large sugary beverage ban, which have would prohibited (some) vendors from selling soda in portions greater than 16 ounces.  Restaurants, … Continue reading

Famines and other “radical overhauls”

Why do some organizations profess to care so much about food, and decide that the problem is technologies that produce more food, instead of the corrupt governments that oppress hungry citizens?  Perhaps the question answers itself: they care more about … Continue reading

Texas politician hopes to reduce absurd occupational licensing laws

Bill Callegari, Chairman of the Texas House Government Efficiency and Reform Committee, recently filed bills that could have positive ramifications for economic liberty in Texas.  According to this article, two bills by Callegari could affect any occupational license: “One would … Continue reading

Competition is not a negative environmental impact

PLF regularly highlights how law is abused for anti-competitive purposes or how  environmental laws can be stretched beyond reason and without proper respect for property rights.  While we normally discuss these issues separately, they can cross paths.  Recently, these problems … Continue reading

Why the Second Circuit’s decision striking down DOMA could be bad for economic liberty

Last week the Second Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling in Windsor v. United States of America striking down Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act as unconstitutional. In particular, the Court found that Section 3’s denial of … Continue reading

Government puts the brakes on transportation innovation in CA

Last month the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) slapped several innovative ridesharing businesses with cease and desist orders for illegally operating as charter-party carriers without CPUC’s permission. SideCar is one of the companies that received such a letter and the business … Continue reading