Cats vs. rats in Key Largo

When Pacific Legal Foundation‘s Atlantic Center last visited Key Largo, we learned that a busybody bureaucrat thought he could stop Mother Nature and thousands of years of evolution in the process; that is, a U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) employee named Jeremy … Continue reading

Ninth Circuit strikes a blow for judicial review of administrative agencies

This morning, the Ninth Circuit held that federal agencies cannot escape judicial scrutiny for illegal actions simply because they have violated the law before. In PLF’s sea otter case, we represent fishermen in a challenge to the U.S. Fish and … Continue reading

Manatee count shows population continues to grow

The manatee population continues to grow in Florida, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission’s newest survey results. Each winter, when weather conditions permit, the FWC conducts an aerial survey with a team of observers who fly around the … Continue reading

PLF sues feds for failure to respond to Kangaroo Rat ESA petition

Last November – on behalf of our clients the Riverside County Farm Bureau and the Center for Environmental Science, Accuracy, and Reliability (CESAR) – PLF submitted a petition asking the United States Fish & Wildlife Service to delist the Stephens’ … Continue reading

PLF Victory: Fish and Wildlife Service announces it will downlist wood stork

Today, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service finally announced it is downlisting the wood stork from endangered to threatened status. This comes after years of arm-twisting by PLF and its client, the Florida Homebuilders Association, to get the Fish and … Continue reading

Let’s just regulate ourselves into more problems that need regulations

Author:  Anne Hayes Much has been written about the unintended consequences of laws, but another aspect that is not talked about as much is when laws actually lead to the creation of more laws or regulations, or when a law results … Continue reading

Free the beetle, free taxpayers

Author: Natasha Greer Bob Slobe, president of the North Sacramento Land Company, is unable to develop his land because it would harm the Valley Elderberry Longhorn Beetle, which is listed as an endangered species. PLF has filed a lawsuit asking … Continue reading