PLF to testify at congressional hearing on how ESA burdens development

It is a busy week for PLF’s DC Center. Our Executive Director Todd Gaziano will be speaking Wednesday at an event hosted by Senator Lee (Utah) to announce the release of an American Enterprise Institute paper coauthored by Todd and … Continue reading

PLF levels the field against frivolous federal litigation positions

Recently, the House of Representatives Natural Resources Committee, Subcommittee on Public Lands and Environmental Regulation held an interesting hearing on “Threats, Intimidation and Bullying by Federal Land Management Agencies.”  The witnesses, most of them cattle ranchers from Western states, poignantly … Continue reading

The unassailable Endangered Species Act

Last Tuesday I had the honor of testifying before the House Committee on Natural Resources in Washington, D.C.  The title of the hearing was “The Endangered Species Act: How Litigation is Costing Jobs and Impeding True Recovery Efforts.”  My testimony … Continue reading