Bureaucrats shouldn’t be able to escape legal scrutiny

Yesterday, Townhall published my op-ed highlighting the importance of PLF’s big, unanimous Supreme Court win in our Hawkes case (and its predecessor, Sackett) and whether these cases foreshadow anything for one of our cases currently pending before the Court. As regular … Continue reading

Stay tuned: Another PLF case on the Supreme Court “relist” watch

In addition to Corps v. Hawkes and Kent Recycling v. Corps, Pacific legal Foundation has a third case that has been “relisted” and is being given serious consideration for a grant of certiorari.  Under the current procedure, the Supreme Court of … Continue reading

PLF files Petition for Rehearing at the Supreme Court

Although the Supreme Court rarely grants a petition for rehearing, it does happen. With that in mind, Pacific Legal Foundation filed its Petition for Rehearing in the Kent Recycling Services LLC v. Army Corps of Engineers case now pending at the Court. … Continue reading

Greenwire covers important wetlands case at Supreme Court

Greenwire reporter Jeremy P. Jacobs reported yesterday on Pacific Legal Foundation‘s Kent Recycling Services LLC v. Army Corps of Engineers case pending before the Supreme Court. The case presents the Court with the opportunity to hold that a property owner may … Continue reading