Marin County and the California Coastal Commission overreaching with Local Coastal Program amendments

The voluntary preservation of agricultural lands is a noble goal. Forcing landowners into government-run conservation efforts against their will, however, is something else entirely. And a desire to conserve pastoral farmland doesn’t excuse government from following the laws and constitutions … Continue reading

Coastal Commission ignores local concerns (again)

Last week, I attended the California Coastal Commission meeting at the Inverness Yacht Club near the Point Reyes Seashore. As usual, the Commission scrutinized a wide variety of issues, some mundane, some unusual. These included: whether wireless antennas on the … Continue reading

January Coastal Commission Wrap Up

PLF keeps tabs on all of the happenings with the California Coastal Commission by attending their monthly meetings. We live tweet those meetings @TheCoastWatch, and provide recaps here at the blog. Here’s a rundown on what happened at the meeting … Continue reading

Coastal Commission leaves city out to dry

We’ve all heard about how the California Coastal Commission loves to micromanage and bully coastal cities and counties.   Whether it’s second-guessing the most insignificant local project, or requiring municipalities to include in their local laws severe restrictions against property owners, … Continue reading

City spurns Coastal Commission’s lobbying efforts for more funding

On Tuesday, the city council of Newport Beach (California) voted against a resolution supporting additional state funding for the California Coastal Commission.  The Commission—which regulates coastal property owners’ use of their lands with an iron fist—has for years been complaining about its lack … Continue reading

Local government autonomy wins the day in Coastal Commission case

Last week in City of Malibu v. California Coastal Commission, the California Second District Court of Appeal struck down an expansive interpretation of the Coastal Act that would have undermined local governments’ ability to make local land use decisions.  This … Continue reading

Court of appeal sides with Coastal Commission in power-grab case

Author: Paul J. Beard II Last week, the California Court of Appeal issued an adverse decision in a case concerning the limits of the California Coastal Commission's authority to second-guess locally approved projects. We represent Franco and Sonia DeCicco, who … Continue reading

Santa Barbara County bravely defies Coastal Commission

Author: Paul J. Beard II In California, coastal cities and counties are encouraged to draft their own land-use codes in compliance with the requirements of the Coastal Act, a state statute that sets broad rules for coastal development.  These codes (made a … Continue reading