Taxi drivers protest Uber, progress

In the last month, taxi drivers around the world have shut down city streets to protest against competition from Uber.* Traffic in major European cities ground to a halt last week. This followed in the wake of a similar demonstration … Continue reading

PLF argues government can’t enact laws solely to protect existing businesses from legitimate competition

Milwaukee resident Ghaleb Ibrahim simply wants to own and operate his own taxicab.  But that city’s ordinance denies him the right to earn a living as a taxicab driver—not because he is unqualified, but because Milwaukee capped the amount of available … Continue reading

Even on Veteran’s Day, complex licensing regimes hurt veterans

As the country recognizes its veterans, many veterans continue to battle high rates of unemployment.  Despite the fact that veterans do very well once they are in the workplace, many obstacles prevent them from working.  One of the most glaring … Continue reading

“Californy is the place you oughta be”– if you like burdensome occupational licensing regimes, that is

Last week our friends at the Reason Foundation posted an article about occupational licensing in California.  The post reveals that the Golden State leads the nation in two troubling areas: (1) the number of occupations requiring an individual to obtain … Continue reading

Stop viewing occupational licensing with rose-colored glasses: it harms consumers

Recently the Des Moines Register published a series of articles that sheds light on the problems caused by unnecessary and irrational occupational licensing laws.  In one recent opinion piece, Darrell Hanson, a former Iowa legislator, describes his first-hand experience with … Continue reading

Texas politician hopes to reduce absurd occupational licensing laws

Bill Callegari, Chairman of the Texas House Government Efficiency and Reform Committee, recently filed bills that could have positive ramifications for economic liberty in Texas.  According to this article, two bills by Callegari could affect any occupational license: “One would … Continue reading

Government puts the brakes on transportation innovation in CA

Last month the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) slapped several innovative ridesharing businesses with cease and desist orders for illegally operating as charter-party carriers without CPUC’s permission. SideCar is one of the companies that received such a letter and the business … Continue reading

Court will hear PLF challenge to Missouri’s moving monopoly

St. Louis, MO.; April 26, 2012 — Tomorrow morning (April 27), PLF Principal Attorney Timothy Sandefur will present arguments in federal court challenging the constitutionality of a Missouri law that requires an entrepreneur to essentially get permission from his or … Continue reading