President’s weekly report — August 23, 2013

Property Rights — Washington State We filed this amicus brief in Keene Valley Ventures v. City of Richland in support of a petition for review before the Washington State Supreme Court.  Here, the town deliberately flooded the landowner’s property and a … Continue reading

Fallacies of the Sixth Circuit’s Michigan Proposal 2 decision

In this excellent post from Discriminations, John Rosenberg describes the five fallacies of the Sixth Circuit’s “jaw-dropping” decision in Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action.  In Schuette, the court said Michigan’s voters had somehow violated the U.S. Constitution’s Equal … Continue reading

Sixth Circuit’s political structure analysis: Structure or chaos?

  After 31 years, the Supreme Court will finally take another look at the “political structure” doctrine.  If you didn’t read Monday’s post by PLF College of Public Interest Law fellow, Jonathan Wood, you may be unfamiliar with that doctrine.  In 1969, and again in 1982, the United … Continue reading

Reading the tea leaves on the Hunter-Seattle doctrine

The oral argument in last week’s Prop. 8 case, Hollingsworth v. Perry, suggested that the justices may be skeptical of the Hunter-Seattle doctrine.  While PLF has taken no position on the merits of the Prop. 8 case, the United States, … Continue reading

President’s weekly report — March 29, 2013

Individual Rights — School Choice Victory We had a nice victory from the Indiana Supreme Court when it upheld in Meredith v. Pence that state’s school choice program. As we’ve explained, this is a great victory for school choice because … Continue reading

Supreme Court to hear case concerning Michigan’s ban on racial preferences

May the voters of a state amend their state constitution to prohibit discrimination and preferences based upon race?  The Supreme Court will address that question.  Today, with Justice Kagan recusing herself, the Court granted certiorari in Schuette v. Michigan Coalition to Defend … Continue reading

President’s weekly report — March 1, 2013

Property Rights — Water, Fish and Takings The Federal Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the dismissal on ripeness grounds of Casitas Municipal Water District v. United States.  This was the case where the district alleged that a fish ladder and water diversion required … Continue reading

PLF seeking information from Davis and Berkeley

Last week, a number of friends, colleagues, and outside attorneys emailed me this post from Josh Blackman.   It seems that both UC Davis and UC Berkeley are requiring law review authors to disclose their race and sex when submitting articles for … Continue reading

PLF attorneys return to San Francisco to fight against government discrimination

After numerous continuances by the opposing party and by the court itself, PLF attorneys will be back in San Francisco County Superior Court tomorrow for oral argument on the cross-motions for summary judgment in the case called Coral Construction v. … Continue reading

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Today we remember the perseverance, passion, and dream of one our nation’s greatest advocates for liberty and equality under the law: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  He fought tirelessly to end segregation and discrimination, and changed the course of history … Continue reading