Should a city be able to use legislative tricks to acquire land cheaply?

The Constitution requires the government to pay just compensation when it seizes private property for public use. However, if the City of Perris has its way, cities will be allowed to pay less than fair market value for private property they … Continue reading

The blight of redevelopment

Last week, PLF filed an amicus curiae letter in the California Supreme Court, asking it to grant the Community Youth Athletic Center’s (CYAC) petition for review of an abusive scheme to transfer its private property to a developer for its … Continue reading

“Redevelopment follies” now playing at Sacramento Cabaret!

The K Street Mall in Sacramento, and particularly its taxpayer-subsidized Dive Bar and Cosmopolitan Cabaret, has long been a poster-child for the injustice and unwisdom of government-run redevelopment schemes. These schemes give bureaucrats power to take away money that citizens would have … Continue reading

Resuscitating redevelopment in California

Columnist Dan Walters has been following recent bills introduced into the state legislature to resurrect redevelopment in California.  As you may recall, late last year the California Supreme Court upheld AB26, the bill which eliminated California’s redevelopment agencies.  This marked … Continue reading

PLF’s Robert Thomas to speak at eminent domain/redevelopment seminar

Robert Thomas, PLF’s man in Hawaii, and blogger at, will be joining the lineup of December 1 Strafford live phone/web seminar on Eminent Domain: Redevelopment Challenges for Local Government. For more information on the conference and how to register, … Continue reading