Victory for California water rights builds on PLF’s Duarte case

In the course of California’s long drought, state regulators have taken ever more aggressive measures to gain control of local and private water supplies, under cover of emergency declarations from Governor Brown, and emergency regulations adopted by the State Water Resources … Continue reading

Water, water everywhere – in California courts

California is suffering an historic drought: there is not enough water to go around.  The state’s courthouses may be the only places that have had their fill of water of this year, or at least had their fill of fights … Continue reading

An apology from the California Department of Fish and Game

Updating a story from last week, the California Department of Fish and Game has apologized for a threatening letter it sent to landowners over alleged non-compliance with frost protection regulations that are in fact enjoined from being enforced.  From the … Continue reading

Shady tactics from Cal. Dept. of Fish and Game

It seems that landowners in the Russian River watershed are being threatened over alleged non-compliance with frost regulations that were approved in late December 2011 by the State Water Resources Control Board.  Via Aquafornia, this report from the Ukiah Daily … Continue reading

The Little Hoover Commission and the water crisis

Author:  Damien M. Schiff Last month, the Little Hoover Commission, a state independent government oversight agency, issued its report Managing for Change:  Modernizing California's Water Governance.  The report details the Commission's recommendations for moving California water management and allocation into … Continue reading