Protecting property owners from governmental misdeeds

Friday, Pacific Legal Foundation filed an amicus brief with a Florida appellate court in a shocking case of local government gone awry: The Town of Ponce Inlet v. Pacetta, LLC. According to the trial court, the Town Council broke its promises of … Continue reading

Pacific Legal Foundation stands up for the right to open a business in Georgia

Tomorrow the Supreme Court of Georgia will hear arguments in WMW Honda v. American Honda Motor Company, a case that will determine the scope of a Georgia law that allows existing car dealerships to block the opening of competing dealerships in their area. … Continue reading

20 years of Pacific Northwest victories: fighting Seattle’s housing preservation laws

In one of our earliest efforts in the Pacific Northwest, PLF participated in several cases challenging the constitutionality of a Seattle ordinance that severely restricted the use of low income rental properties. Throughout the 1980s, the City of Seattle, faced … Continue reading

Reflecting on 20 years of PLF in the Pacific Northwest

This year marks the 20th anniversary of PLF’s Northwest Regional Center.  This is definitely a moment to celebrate, and we intend to do so.  But more than that, this is a time to reflect on two decades of PLF’s efforts … Continue reading