What does suing schools have to do with supporting our troops?

Hans Bader, of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, wonders too.  In his latest article, he writes about a peculiar attempt by Congress to overrule the Supreme Court with respect to Title VI of the Civil Rights Act and Title IX of the Education … Continue reading

Cheerleading is still not a sport

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled today that competitive cheerleading is not a sport.  This is a very disappointing decision.  It is a slap in the face to the athletes that spend countless hours perfecting routines, and competing throughout the country.  … Continue reading

American Sports Council denied their day in court

PLF’s lawsuit, American Sports Council v. Department of Education, was dismissed yesterday.  This is really unfortunate news.  The court held that American Sports Council (ASC) did not suffer any injury as a result of the Three-Part Test’s application to high schools.  … Continue reading

Does Title IX reach voluntary donations?

It shouldn’t, but that hasn’t stopped gender quota activists from tying to prevent voluntary booster clubs from supporting student athletes. Yes, these crusaders have even tried to stop bake sales from going forward.  Our friends at the American Sports Council … Continue reading

Title IX compliance means less tennis for everyone

Author: Joshua Thompson The College Sports Council released a study today that links Title IX, a statute that has been applied to require "proportionality" in men and women collegiate athetics, to an overall decrease in the availability of tennis for … Continue reading

Title IX has outlived its purpose

Author: Joshua Thompson Over at ESPN.com, Gregg Easterbrook, has this excellent piece on the latest ridiculous Title IX ruling.  Here's a snippet: Imagine telling marchers on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Ala., in 1965 that by 2010, "civil rights" would … Continue reading

Eric Pearson on Title IX

Author: Joshua Thompson The National Review Online has an excellent piece by Eric Pearson of the College Sports Council.  The College Sports Council is a national coalition of coaches, athletes, parents, and fans who are devoted to preserving and promoting … Continue reading