More on the Sixth Circuit’s Proposal 2 decision

Last Friday I explained the Sixth Circuit’s embarrassing decision to strike down Michigan’s Proposal 2.  President of the National Association of Scholars (and longtime PLF friend) Peter Wood, has been assembling similar reactions to the Sixth Circuit’s decision.  For example, here … Continue reading

PLF secures victory – Californians are still equal under the law

PLF’s earlier victory in defending California’s ban on government discrimination and preferences based on race and sex was recently secured when no party to a lawsuit challenging California’s Constitution filed an appeal to the United States Supreme Court.  The case is … Continue reading

PLF statement on Proposition 209 oral argument

This morning, Pacific Legal Foundation Staff Attorney Ralph W. Kasarda argued at the Ninth Circuit in defense of the constitutionality of Proposition 209.  PLF attorneys represent represent intervenors, American Civil Rights Foundation and Ward Connerly, in support of Prop. 209’s … Continue reading

Ward Connerly discusses PLF’s recent victory

Author: Joshua Thompson published a great editorial by Ward Connerly today. The editorial revolves around PLF's recent victory in Connerly v. California. In recent years, especially since the national debate began about illegal immigration, there has much discussion about the … Continue reading

Proposition 209 works

Author: Joshua Thompson The Los Angeles Times published this excellent op-ed on the effects of Proposition 209 and PLF's lawsuit to defend its constitutionality.  Here's a snippet: In reality, despite the coalition's lawsuit, the principles that underlay Proposition 209 have … Continue reading

Victory in Connerly v. Schwarzenegger

Author: Joshua Thompson After oral argument today, the court entered judgment in favor of Petitioners Ward Connerly and American Civil Rights Foundation. This was the "AB 21" case where PLF challenged the constitutionality of several Public Contract Code statutes that … Continue reading

Hearing this week in Connerly v. Schwarzenegger

Author: Joshua Thompson On Friday, July 2, I will be in the Sacramento Superior Court arguing the case of Connerly v. Schwarzenegger.   Pacific Legal Foundation is representing Ward Connerly and the American Civil Rights Foundation in their challenge regarding the … Continue reading