Person filling out a survey
Maureen Murphy et al. v. Gina Raimondo et al.

Census Bureau’s unlawful power grab tramples privacy rights and separation of powers

Maureen and John are challenging the Census Bureau's overreach, so no Americans are ever again forced to choose between huge fines and their right to keep their personal information private. ...

Department of Justice office in Washington, DC
John Doe et al. v. U.S. Dept. Of Justice et al.

California man with expunged record fights unconstitutional registry rule

John is challenging Congress' unconstitutional delegation of authority to the Attorney General to issue SORNA requirements—a clear violation of the non-delegation doctrine and separation of powers. ...

Williams Family
Williams v. California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife

Government’s regulatory Catch-22 threatens California’s future fishermen

Fishing is an ancient and noble profession. It is also unquestionably in Max Williams' DNA. His grandfather and parents have deep roots in California's fishing industry, their livelihoods built on decades of skill and success with gillnets—the set, passive nets that are best suited for commercial fishing in California waters. Max (second from the ...

Fehily et al. v. Biden et al.

President Biden reboots Antiquities Act abuse with commercial fishing ban

To hard-working commercial fishermen, the Georges Bank area of the North Atlantic Ocean is an economic lifeline. Its bountiful fisheries have for centuries supported a wide variety of fish and shellfish, giving rise to New England's iconic fishing communities and an important industry throughout the Northeast. To President Biden, however, Georges B ...

Eliza Wille v. Raimondo

Illegally appointed DC bureaucrat threatens Hawaii’s swim-with-dolphins experiences

The incredible recreational offerings of Hawaii not only are world famous, but they also represent a significant portion of the state's economy. One activity that's become popular over the past several decades is dolphin-watching tours and swimming with dolphins—specifically spinner dolphins. These social, acrobatic mammals have fostered valuable ...

Coastal Property
Stephanie Heigel-Tibbitts v. California Coastal Commission

Couple fights unlawful Coastal Commission limbo to build wheelchair-friendly home

David Tibbitts and his wife, Stephanie, decided to move to their coastal property in San Luis Obispo County in 2018, after David suffered a stroke and became wheelchair bound. The couple has long planned to demolish the 1930s-era house on their land and build a new home that allows David, his family, and his caregivers to safely access and move aro ...

Duke Bradford, et al. v. Secretary Martin J. Walsh, et al.

Outdoor adventure guides battle the president’s unlawful workplace power grab

Duke Bradford grew up in Nebraska, attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and had law school in his sights. But the pull of Colorado's mountains where he skied once a year as a child was stronger. His two seasons as a snowmobile guide and ski patroller sparked the idea for a rafting company, and in 1998, Duke opened Arkansas Valley Adventures ...

TWISM Enterprises, LLC v. State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Surveyors

Small business owner defends livelihood from rubber-stamping courts

An estimated 45% of small businesses don't make it past five years. Shawn Alexander's passion to run his own engineering firm outweighed any concerns over those odds, and in 2016, he started TWISM Enterprises, LLC, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Two years after launching his business, the State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Surveyor ...

Humbyrd v. Raimondo

Illegally formed federal agency threatens livelihoods of Alaska fishermen

Like many of his fellow longtime fishermen, Wes Humbyrd draws his catch—and his livelihood—from Cook Inlet. A regulation proposed by the North Pacific Fishery Management Council, however, will permanently close the inlet's federal waters to commercial salmon fishing, not because of overfishing but because the council deemed it too hard to coord ...