Ami Hill's Art Bus
Ami Hill and Muse Originals LLC v. Town of Kill Devil Hills et al.

Outer Banks ordinance throws livelihood and rights under the bus

Ami wants to preserve the right to the fruits of one's labor by stopping the town of Kill Devil Hills from forcing these businesses to convert into charitable fundraising organizations. ...

Person filling out a survey
Maureen Murphy et al. v. Gina Raimondo et al.

Census Bureau’s unlawful power grab tramples privacy rights and separation of powers

Maureen and John are challenging the Census Bureau's overreach, so no Americans are ever again forced to choose between huge fines and their right to keep their personal information private. ...

Iowa Supreme Court Building at Dusk
Raak Law v. Gast

Fighting gender discrimination in Iowa’s judicial selection process

Rachel Raak Law is a realtor and mom of three in the western Iowa town of Correctionville. She spent six years as a gubernatorial appointee to a District Judicial Nominating Commission, which vets and recommends individuals to serve as judges on state trial courts. She also served on the Woodbury County Drug Court, the nation's ...

Department of Justice office in Washington, DC
John Doe et al. v. U.S. Dept. Of Justice et al.

California man with expunged record fights unconstitutional registry rule

John is challenging Congress' unconstitutional delegation of authority to the Attorney General to issue SORNA requirements—a clear violation of the non-delegation doctrine and separation of powers. ...

Williams Family
Williams v. California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife

Government’s regulatory Catch-22 threatens California’s future fishermen

Fishing is an ancient and noble profession. It is also unquestionably in Max Williams' DNA. His grandfather and parents have deep roots in California's fishing industry, their livelihoods built on decades of skill and success with gillnets—the set, passive nets that are best suited for commercial fishing in California waters. Max (second from the ...

Medeiros v. Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources

Hunters’ ‘right to retrieve’ tramples property owners’ right to exclude trespassers

Jim Medeiros and his family run their own business, White Oak Meadows, on land they bought in 2012 in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. Located outside of Richmond, the family cultivates environmentally responsible forest and farm products, including beef and poultry raised solely on grasses and native vegetation. Ranching can be a tough-enough industry ...

Fehily et al. v. Biden et al.

President Biden reboots Antiquities Act abuse with commercial fishing ban

To hard-working commercial fishermen, the Georges Bank area of the North Atlantic Ocean is an economic lifeline. Its bountiful fisheries have for centuries supported a wide variety of fish and shellfish, giving rise to New England's iconic fishing communities and an important industry throughout the Northeast. To President Biden, however, Georges B ...

Vondra v. City of Billings

Local government wields unannounced, warrantless search power over private businesses and home practitioners

Short stints in a salon and a chiropractor's office are all it took for Theresa Vondra to discover her true passion: helping people achieve total body wellness through massage therapy. She graduated from massage therapy school in 2006 and spent several years working for others before starting her own practice in Billings, Montana, where she ...

Foss v. City of New Bedford, et al.

State’s tax takings law enriches private company with senior citizen’s home and life savings

March 31, 2022 Update: Deborah has been living out of her car. Her family and friends have launched a GoFundMe to help her secure housing. If you’d like to donate directly to Deborah, visit her GoFundMe page. Life has not been easy for Deborah Foss in recent years. The 66-year-old grandmother lives in Massachusetts on ...